Decided to try something new for 30 days

I’m studying English three or four times a week and yesterday we watched super motivating video called “Try something new for 30 days”. It was exciting, I wanted to change something in my sometimes lazy life and this video was a relief for me cause I have found a perfect instruction for what I wanted for a long time.

I have 18 goals in my everyday list right now, hope I will be able to do every task in this list at least for the next 30 days!

My list of everyday goals:
– take a photo that somehow remind you this day and write down some story about it;
– change something to make yourself more effective;
– create one prototype in sketch;
– write one article for website;
– make sport activity;
– meditate for at least 10 minutes;
– spend at least 10 minutes thinking about your life goals;
– write and correct everyday tasks;
– save at least one cool example of style or design to your shelf of ideas;
– make one picture a day in iPad or with paper and pencil;
– read at least one book a week;
– shoot at least one video for your website a week;
– be friendly and more empathetic to people around me;
– Smile =)

And my list of don’ts:
– don’t play video games after midnight;
– don’t left dirty dishes and garbage without attention;
– don’t complain, think how you can make things better;
– don’t watch porn.

And there’s the video, I hope you’ll like it:

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