Setup WebClient timeout in PowerShell

If you want to setup timeout value for downloadString method of WebClient Class in PowerShell, you need to extend WebClient Class, because property Timeout isn’t public.

So, in the next example I inherited new ExtendedWebClient Class from WebClient Class. And I add public field Timeout to the new class. Then I overrode GetWebRequest Method to use Timeout field.

$Source = @"
using System.Net;

public class ExtendedWebClient : WebClient
public int Timeout;

protected override WebRequest GetWebRequest(System.Uri address)
WebRequest request = base.GetWebRequest(address);
if (request != null)
request.Timeout = Timeout;
return request;

public ExtendedWebClient()
Timeout = 600000; // Timeout value by default

Add-Type -TypeDefinition $Source -Language CSharp

$webClient = New-Object ExtendedWebClient;
$webClient.Timeout = 1800000; # Change timeout for webClient
$loadData = $webClient.downloadString('http://your_url')