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Mikhail Kozlov
Software Engineer

I am a professional Software Engineer and Product Manager.

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I do

• Project management.
• Requirements negotiating.
• Tasks setting and approval.
• System architecture model development.
• Projects stages planning.
• Controlling and monitoring all stages of project execution.
• System commissioning.

If you are still interested, there is a little bit more info about me

Work history

Work history
  • Head of Product at PIK Group
    April 2016 – Current time
    I directly subordinate 5 software developers, at the same time I control and review all stages of project execution, making sure tasks implementation is due to date and according to the requirements. Also I care about system architecture and technologies that we use in our projects, such as CI CD cycles in VSTS, .Net Core + Docker Containers in Kubernetes.
  • Software Engineer at BMSTU
    February 2013 – May 2017
    The list of problems that I solved:
    • Central Authentification System was successfully configured and implemented;
    • HR database to Active Directory merging service was successfully developed and implemented;
    • Interactive presentation of personal information about employees of the university was successfully developed via QlikView with data source – HR database to Active Directory merging service data;
    • Software management system model was succesfully developed via multimethod simulation modeling tool – AnyLogic.
  • Software Engineer at Teleform IS
    September 2015 – September 2016
    • Project management;
    • Requirements negotiating;
    • Tasks setting and approval;
    • Project documentation preparation;
    • System architecture model development;
    • Projects stages planning;
    • Controlling and monitoring all stages of project execution, making sure tasks implementation is due to date and according to the requirements agreed;
    • System commissioning.
  • Software Engineer at Military Insurance Company
    October 2013 – March 2014
    Providing technical support and continious improvement for tourists insurance software.
    I developed the Central integration service and bound it with touristic companies: MasterTour, Labirint, Biblio-Travel, Alean. Also I developed and configured regular announce service to report top-management with information about issued insurance policies.
  • Software Developer at AXES
    September 2012 – March 2013
    Technical support and continious improvement for talent management system (Lumesse ETWeb).


Software Engineering(95%)
MS SQL(85%)

Other skills

Other skills
Redmine / JIRA(85%)

My latest projects

My latest projects

My instruments

My instruments


• Project management (Redmine, JIRA, TFS, VSTS);
• Negotiations;
• Human Resource management.

Software development

• Software Architecture;
• DevOps integration (CI CD in VSTS/TFS, GitLab);
• Docker Containers, Kubernetes;
• C#, JavaScript, PHP.


• Sketching (Procreate);
• Mockups (Figma, RealTimeBoard).

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