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Mikhail Kozlov
Software Engineer

I am a professional Software Engineer and Product Manager.

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I do

• Project management.
• Requirements negotiating.
• Tasks setting and approval.
• System architecture model development.
• Projects stages planning.
• Controlling and monitoring all stages of project execution.
• System commissioning.

My latest blog posts

My latest blog posts
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Unity Collaborate


Copy file to local folder from docker container


Git configuration and first push


Useful angular commands


MS SQL insert in the middle and reset auto increment


SQL query for today’s date minus year, month, day or minute

If you are interested, there is a little bit more info about me

Work history

Work history
  • Product owner at Yum! Brands
    July 2020 – Current time
    Responsible for B2B products and for digital ecosystem.
    • Head of Product at PIK Group
      April 2016 – June 2020
      I directly subordinate 5 software developers, at the same time I control and review all stages of project execution, making sure tasks implementation is due to date and according to the requirements. Also I care about system architecture and technologies that we use in our projects, such as CI CD cycles in VSTS, .Net Core + Docker Containers in Kubernetes.
    • Software Engineer at BMSTU
      February 2013 – May 2017
      The list of problems that I solved:
      • Central Authentification System was successfully configured and implemented;
      • HR database to Active Directory merging service was successfully developed and implemented;
      • Interactive presentation of personal information about employees of the university was successfully developed via QlikView with data source – HR database to Active Directory merging service data;
      • Software management system model was succesfully developed via multimethod simulation modeling tool – AnyLogic.
    • Software Engineer at Teleform IS
      September 2015 – September 2016
      • Project management;
      • Requirements negotiating;
      • Tasks setting and approval;
      • Project documentation preparation;
      • System architecture model development;
      • Projects stages planning;
      • Controlling and monitoring all stages of project execution, making sure tasks implementation is due to date and according to the requirements agreed;
      • System commissioning.
    • Software Engineer at Military Insurance Company
      October 2013 – March 2014
      Providing technical support and continious improvement for tourists insurance software.
      I developed the Central integration service and bound it with touristic companies: MasterTour, Labirint, Biblio-Travel, Alean. Also I developed and configured regular announce service to report top-management with information about issued insurance policies.
    • Software Developer at AXES
      September 2012 – March 2013
      Technical support and continious improvement for talent management system (Lumesse ETWeb).


Software Engineering(95%)
MS SQL(85%)

Other skills

Other skills
Redmine / JIRA(85%)

My latest projects

My latest projects

Valenki site design

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 16.10.52

Russian language simulator pushkingame.ru


Project idea «Morkva»

My instruments

My instruments


• Project management (Redmine, JIRA, TFS, VSTS);
• Negotiations;
• Human Resource management.

Software development

• Software Architecture;
• DevOps integration (CI CD in VSTS/TFS, GitLab);
• Docker Containers, Kubernetes;
• C#, JavaScript, PHP.


• Sketching (Procreate);
• Mockups (Figma, RealTimeBoard).

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